Sep 10, 2012

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Taomee Launches Skating Season For iOS Devices

Taomee Launches Skating Season For iOS Devices


Taomee Network launched its newest iOS title that combines action with puzzle-solving in the strategy game Skating Season. With summer drawing to an end, players can beat the heat with the Walrus as he enjoys the good life in his snowy town.

But thanks to the inclement weather, Walrus’ favorite meal is becoming harder and harder to find. Walrus decides to take matters (or wild fish, in this case) into his own flippers. Players will use the touch screen to guide Walrus through four chapter containing 60 levels. Within the levels, there are many unique gameplay features that range from ice skating to hot steam.

You can download the title today for free via the App Store. From the screens below, I have to say that this looks to be a fun and cute title.

[Source: Taomee Network]