Aug 28, 2012

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Plants Vs Zombies Creator Releases New Game: Octogeddon

Plants Vs Zombies Creator Releases New Game: Octogeddon

Following the news that PopCap was releasing a sequel to their smash hit Plants vs Zombies, they also announced that there would be approximately 50 layoffs to the North American studio. Among those affected was Plants vs Zombies creator George Fan. While a sequel to a game he created may go on without him, Fan has already released a new game in Octogeddon. This past weekend Fan entered the 48-hour-long game creating competition Ludum Dare to bring us this simple and enjoyable Windows freeware game.

In Octogeddon you play as a mutant octopus bent on world destruction. Using your tentacles, destroy missiles fired at you from all directions and collect DNA to purchase upgrades to said tentacles. Transform your eight legs into various animals and weapons to aid you in progressing against wave after wave of ever-increasing difficulty. Control your monster using only the left and right clickers while you listen to a incredibly catchy theme song.

Download this free game here now!

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