Aug 28, 2012

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Binding of Isaac Remake Heading to Consoles in 2013

Binding of Isaac Remake Heading to Consoles in 2013

Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen has confirmed that the title is currently being remade for consoles along with a full PC release. Along with an iOS and Android version of Super Meat Boy, McMillen says that the title will be a “remake with a Wrath of the Lamb size expansion added to it + more and it won’t be out till next year”.

McMillen is hoping to port the title to all consoles including the upcoming OUYA “if the publisher wants to do it”. He stated that “the console version of isaac will feature A TON of new modes, bosses, items, playable characters, co-op and a million other things we couldn’t do in the flash version.”

Unfortunately, McMillen has said that they are completely done with the flash version. McMillen said that “the file size is so large that it takes 10-15 tries to export a function swf file and if we add or edit anything it gets worse and worse and is getting to the point where the fla becomes corrupted every other save. We can’t add anything without breaking everything so yeah that’s why the flash version is totally done.”

Although there’s no official release date (or specific platforms stated) the idea of Binding of Isaac on XBLA or PSN is incredibly exciting. The failed 3DS port was a bummer as this game feels as if it was made to be played with a game pad and hopefully sometime next year we all can enjoy this macabre masterpiece.

[Source: StickTwiddlers]