Aug 27, 2012

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ICO Producer To Leave Sony

ICO Producer To Leave Sony

Producer of such gems as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, Kenji Kaido announced via Twitter today that he will be taking leave from Sony Computer Entertainment by the end of this month. Kaido had also mentioned in his tweet that his future plans have not been decided and that he intends to continue his summer vacation.

Given the not-so-promising news surrounding The Last Guardian, an upcoming PS3 title by the same team that created ICO and  Shadow of the Colossus, this information appears to be yet another nail in the coffin. One can hope that even with a key person such as Kaido leaving, Team ICO can still pull off finishing the title.

The more I hear about delays and departures in regards to this title that I had been so excited for, the less confident I feel about seeing The Last Guardian being released.

[Source: Kenji_kaido via Andriasang]