Aug 23, 2012

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World of Warcraft Remote Optional Services Now Free

World of Warcraft Remote Optional Services Now Free

Today, Blizzard released some exciting news to WoW subscribers. World of Warcraft Remote is now 100% free to use. Previously, the app itself, armory portion and viewing auctions were free services, but if you wanted to speak to guildmates or list and buy auctions you needed to pay a monthly subscription fee.

To me, the subscription fee for those services on top of the $15 a month players were already paying was a bit too much. I am happy to take full use of the app now that all the features are available for free. Especially right before Mists of Pandaria releases.

The app is available on Android and iOS devices. Find out more at Blizzard’s Mobile Armory page.

Now, if only Blizzard can include chat service in the app. I think I would actually pay a small subscription fee for that!

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