Aug 21, 2012

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New Social Network GamrCred Emerges Onto The Scene

New Social Network GamrCred Emerges Onto The Scene

I’m sure that my fellow gamers all pride themselves when they achieve a well-earned accomplishment. While there are sites out there that keep track of time put into a game and the achievements/trophies unlocked, they don’t really include your social interactions regarding games via sites like Twitter and Facebook. The new social network site, GamrCred, aims to go above and beyond the current game-tracking sites.

We’re excited to announce GamrCred, the Ultimate Rank in Games, where your play, say and respect within your gaming communities combine to create the reputation rank to trump them all. Created by veterans of game-development powerhouse, BioWare, and social networking platform, Empire Avenue, GamrCred is aiming to become the standard across the web for measuring a gamer’s reputation. The site has launched in invite-only beta, and interested gamers are encouraged to sign up at

GamrCred will create the world’s greatest community of credible gamers. Our goal is to help you to not only find other gamers and learn, but also to find great games that others are playing or excited about. As avid gamers on console, PC, mobile and tablet, we also understand the issues of trying to identify great games that fit your interest and playing style. Hundreds of thousands of games on iTunes, the social web, console downloadables and more can make for an impossible list of great content to weed through, and every day a good game is likely being lost in the confusion. We believe we can help out by connecting you to gamers who you respect and whose opinions you can trust.

Today marks the start of an incredibly fun journey; a journey to build the most credible community of gamers in the world that can benefit from their reputation.

I’ve managed to get into the beta and take a look around the site. My first impression is that the way GamrCred handles the process of ranking is interesting. I like the fact that they take into account not just the hours you spend on a game but how much you discuss it via Twitter and such. Those who want to check it out while its in the beta stage still can go to the website and sign up. I’m not certain as to how beta keys are passed out but I’m sure the chances are fairly well.

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