Aug 17, 2012

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Zen Pinball 2 Preview

Zen Pinball 2 Preview

When Zen Studios’ Zen Pinball was released via PSN in 2009 it presented a pinball experience that was simply unavailable anywhere else, creating tables that could not realistically exist in any arcade.  The untraditional take on pinball has been hugely successful for Zen Studios, and now with Zen Pinball 2 releasing via PSN next month for free, players will get an upgraded version of the game meaning new tables, an enhanced physics engine and social media integration just to name a few of the key features.

Posting the high score of all high scores has always been the end goal in the game of pinball.  Zen Pinball 2 looks to make that goal as sharp and fun to achieve as possible.  There are a number of new tables already available for the PS3 on Zen Pinball, however the Zen Pinball 2 experience that gamers should be excited for and truly defines a sharp experience is on none other than the OLED screen of the PS Vita. When it comes to the visual quality of the game, take it from Sony Sr. Social Media Manager on the official Playstation blog as he claims, “while the tables aren’t real, some of them look like they could be.”  The PS Vita version of the game will bring along a handful of features that PS3 players won’t get to experience including touch screen flipper controls and the option to rotate the Vita for a vertical playing angle.

Licensed tables and the ridiculous events that happen on them is something Zen Pinball is known for and is a tradition that will continue with Zen Pinball 2.  It would be fair to expect your ball to be abducted, an electric shock from Blanka or an appearance by the SHIELD Helicarrier as worlds such as Marvel, Street Fighter and Ninja Gaiden will all be represented in their own unique ways providing a diverse set of missions and events that will differ upon each and every table.

Zen Pinball 2 will be by no means the traditional pinball experience, but I see that as a good thing.  It will be interesting to see how the new “free platform” works out for Zen Studios, but they will be allowing players to import purchased tables as well as earn all new trophies. Zen Pinball 2 will be releasing on September 4th and they will also be releasing the new PopCop themed tables on the same day.  Click here for more information on Zen Pinball 2 and be sure to check back with us for our full review of Zen Pinball 2.

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