Aug 17, 2012

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Nintendo Download Update: August 17, 2012

Nintendo Download Update: August 17, 2012

Slim pickins (and chickens) this week on the eShop, but a “New” Super Mario Bros. game is just around the corner!

3DS eShop and DSiWare: 

Crazy Chicken Pirates [3D]-$1.99- Crazy Chicken Pirates is a light-gun shooter from publisher Teyon.  Your objective is to shoot the crap out of the “evil” chicken pirates who have taken over an island.  The description also classifies it as a puzzle game.  It appears that the player is supposed to shoot at hidden objects to unlock secrets, so aim your crosshairs at other things besides chickens! Only the 3DS version is in 3D, but the price remains the same across both platforms (200 DSiWare points).

eShop Deals: 

Mario’s Picross -GB-$2.99 (previously $3.99)- The month of Mario continues with an addicting puzzle game. While technically a Mario game, you won’t find any jumping or princesses in this tricky puzzler. While not as refined as later entries in the Picross series, Mario’s Picross offers hours of gameplay and a good challenge for fans of slow-paced puzzles. Highly recommended for Sudoku lovers.

Retail Update:

New Super Mario Bros. 2- Available on the eShop at midnight on August 19.

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