Aug 16, 2012

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Zen Studios Releases New CastleStorm Screenshots

Zen Studios Releases New CastleStorm Screenshots

In the heat of Gamescom, Zen Studios has released a handful of new screenshots for their upcoming title CastleStorm.  For those who have been following the title, CastleStorm  needs no introduction, however for newcomers CastleStorm is a creative blend of archery and physics-based destruction games in a 2D setting.  In the game players battle one another’s collapsible castles with opposing armies.  With unique tasks at hand for each level, the main objective remains to destroy the other player’s castle.  It is a game that requires strategy yet quick and creative thinking to appropriately accomplish each level’s goals.

Some of CastleStorm’s key features released by Zen Studios:

Multiplayer battles and Co-op play!

  • CastleStorm features multiple modes of multiplayer action for both local and online play
  • 1 vs. 1 split-screen mode, simply try and beat your opponent
  • Competitive multiplayer: rank up, battle for gold, and upgrade your army, castle and gears to become the ruler of online battlefields.
  • Co-op survival: team up with a friend and fight off endless waves of enemies together!

Build stuff!

CastleStorm features a tower construction editor that allows players to construct their own custom castles that will be used in battle. Castles must be constructed wisely, as choices determine which types of troops and resources will be available during battle!

Multiple paths to victory

You can choose how to defeat your enemy. Capture the flag, destroy their castle, or complete another predetermined level objective in order to claim victory. Twelve incredibly beautiful environments and immersive storyline, in stunning stereoscopic 3D. Each level features multiple objectives, each with their own rewards!

Check out the screenshots below and be sure to stay tuned into Vivid Gamer for future updates on CastleStorm.