Aug 15, 2012

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The Humble Bundle For Android 3 Is Here

The Humble Bundle For Android 3 Is Here

Remember the Humble Bundle? Well the third volume is here for Android! Besides the Android platform you can also get the games for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems on your computer.

You pay what you want for the following games: BIT.TRIP BEATFieldrunnersSpaceChem, and Uplink (which only runs on tablets). If you pay a little extra and go over the average price, you can get another game called Spirits, which is a puzzle platformer. In addition to that stack of games, they are DRM free, and you can redeem them on Steam. You’ll also get all the games soundtracks in either FLAC or mp3 formats.

You can also donate a portion of the purchase towards two non-profit organizations: Child’s Play Charity and The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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