Aug 15, 2012

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Meet The Latest Hero In Sins Of A Dark Age: Vexie

Meet The Latest Hero In Sins Of A Dark Age: Vexie

Ironclad Games reveals the next hero to be available in Sins of a Dark Age. Her name is Vexie and let’s just say you don’t want to cross this lovely prankster. We have some nice art and a short video that showcases Vexie in all her glory. We also have a bit of lore regarding this winged vixen:

Strange and wild beings dwell within the twisted mass of roots and trees that form the Sunken Forest. Few are foolhardy enough to enter, and fewer still have caught a glimpse of the elusive Forest Fae. If you were brave enough to breach the treeline, Vexie would likely be the first to know. A free-spirited and curious prankster, she prowls the outer fringes looking for fresh targets – particularly those who would dare to mistreat the living things that make up her home. Vexie is always up for adventure, especially if there’s a chance of making mischief. She spends her more idle days practicing her unorthodox spells on predatory beasts and protecting those under her care.

Players in Sins of a Dark Age band together to accomplish different scenarios against enemy teams. There is an always growing selection of heroes, commanders, and factions to aid in your quests.

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[Source: Ironclad Games]