Aug 10, 2012

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Nintendo Download Update: August 10, 2012

Nintendo Download Update: August 10, 2012

This week’s Nintendo download news reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine: featuring shooting, water, and of course, Mario himself!

3DS Exclusive:

Touch Battle Tank 3D- $4.99- An action game reminiscent of the NES Tanks and the tanks game on Wii Play. Dodge bulletfire from larger and larger tanks through over 50 levels.  Features simplistic polygonal graphics and fast arcade action. Developed by Agetec.


Commando: Steel Disaster-$7.99- You play as a Commando soldier named Storm fighting a terrorist group.  A side-scrolling shooter developed by CINEMAX which plays exactly like Commando on  Heavy on the grenades and bullets.

eShop Deals:

Super Mario Land 2-$2.99 (previously $3.99)- The “Month of Mario” continues this week with a sale on Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. The sequel features a world map and many more levels than the original. One of the best GameBoy titles, and one Mario fans shouldn’t miss. The deal ends on August 15th.

Coming Soon:

New Super Mario Bros. 2- Being released on 8/19, the sequel to the DS smash hit New Super Mario Bros. will be the first 3DS retail game available on the eShop. Time to buy new SD cards!

WiiWare Deals:

Fluidity- This Nintendo-published puzzle-platformer is now just 150 coins for Club Nintendo members. For a limited time, of course.

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