Aug 8, 2012

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Steam To Offer Non-Gaming Applications

Steam To Offer Non-Gaming Applications

Valve’s Steam platform currently offers over 5,000 games for gamers to purchase. This is an impressive library for a technology that been around for nine years. In what appears to be Valve’s way of giving their customers what they want and a way to offer some competition to Apple’s App Store and upcoming Windows 8′s digital storefront, Steam users will be able to purchase non-gaming applications via the Steam store this September.

Valve boss Gabe Newell had recently called Microsoft’s Window 8 update¬†“a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space.” There have been no mention of which specific applications will be available when the new service kicks in this September. The company does tell us that they will be productivity and creativity products. Steamworks features such as the automatic updating and cloud saving will be available on many of the applications.

Valve is currently inviting studios to submit their software through the Greenlight system which allows the community to approve which titles and apps they would like to see on sale.

[Source: Steam via Gamasutra]