Aug 8, 2012

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Is Persona 5 In Development?

Is Persona 5 In Development?

While fans of the Persona series are content to have the chance to play each entry in the series on a portable device or be able to control one of their favorite characters in a fighting spin-off, we have also been awaiting any scrap of news we could get about the next entry in the Persona series. We are in luck as the developers from ATLUS have announced that they are now working on the upcoming Persona 5 title.

Not much has been mentioned other than the news that since the wrap-up of the Persona 4 Vita port, the developers have been putting their efforts towards Persona 5. Katsura Hashino of ATLUS remarked that the team has been making good progress of the development of the title along with concept illustrations of the world and its characters.

That means we have no idea of when the title will be complete or even which console it will be on. This isn’t the only thing that the developers are working on. Hashino also commented that there is a collaboration project in the works that he hopes will “surprise everyone.”

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