Aug 4, 2012

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EA Sues Zynga Over The Ville

EA Sues Zynga Over The Ville

If the major drop in stock and staff changes were not enough for Zynga right now, EA has filed suit against the gaming company for copyright infringement. And while Zynga may have “borrowed” ideas from games in the past, EA feels Zynga went a step too far with The Ville.

Lucy Bradshaw, the general manager for EA/Maxis, believes that the similarities between Zynga’s The Ville and EA’s Sims Social makes them close to indistinguishable. She stated that the animations, character motions and visuals have all been directly lifted from Sims Social.

Bradshaw hopes Maxis’ case will set a precedent for other companies and will teach Zynga a lesson. “This is a case of principle. Maxis isn’t the first studio to claim that Zynga copied its creative product. But we are the studio that has the financial and corporate resources to stand up and do something about it. Infringing a developer’s copyright is not an acceptable practice in game development,” says Bradshaw.

[Source: EA]