Aug 2, 2012

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Nintendo Download Update: August 2, 2012

Nintendo Download Update: August 2, 2012

This week on Nintendo’s handheld download space: a single player card game, a top-down action-RPG, and 25% off a classic Mario adventure.

3DS eShop Exclusive:

3D Solitaire: $2.99- Play solitaire in 3D environments, or upload your own backround!  Features unlockable rewards, the option to play with the stylus, and two different modes of solitaire. Developed by Zen Studios. Also, it’s in 3D.


The Lost Town-The Jungle: $4.99- The Lost Town is an action-RPG developed by CIRCLE Entertainment LTD.  “The Lost Town” is a place where a meteorite landed in 1997, causing the inhabitants and animals there to go insane.  You play as a girl named Chilia, who is tasked with finding the meteorite to save the town.  The game features a day/night system which causes the friendly villagers who give you tips during the day to attack you viciously once the sun goes down.

eShop Deals:


Super Mario Land: $2.99 (originally $3.99)- Mario’s first handheld adventure is only $2.99 until 9am August 9.  While much shorter than the console Mario titles, this entry in the series is a classic, and features submarine and airplane stages.  Catchy chip tunes composed by Hip Tanaka and tight controls make this a great buy.

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