Aug 1, 2012

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Xbox Marketplace Update: August 1, 2012

Xbox Marketplace Update: August 1, 2012

The third week of the Summer of Arcade brings us the apocalyptic platformer Deadlight along with an okay Deal of the Week, 6 new games on demand and some half-decent add-ons. If you haven’t downloaded the “Sales and Specials +” app, be sure to do so if you can in your area. Each week they provide additional deals which often blow the Deal of the Week out of the water.

Deal of the Week

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light Add-Ons:

  • A Hazardous Reunion Challenge Pack 3 – 400 pts 200 pts
  • All The Trappings Challenge Pack 1 – 400 pts 200 pts
  • Raziel & Kain Character Pack – 400 pts 200 pts

Tomb Raider Underworld Add-Ons:

  • Beneath The Ashes – 800 pts 400 pts
  • Lara’s Shadow – 800 pts 400 pts

Sales and Specials +

(Note: You can access these deals after playing the Scratch and Match game)

  • Orcs Must Die – 1200 pts 800 pts – This third-person tower-defense hybrid pits players against swarms of orcs. The sequel is set to release shortly, but in the meantime check out this excellent tower-defense title.
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja Pack 1 – 800 pts 400 pts – The first batch of Ninja Gaiden 3 downloadable content in one pack. Rip your enemies apart in Shadows of the World with the new Metal Claws or test your skills with 20 new Ninja Trials. Also, customize your ninja with 12 new items.
  • Deadliest Warrior: The Game – 800 pts 600 pts – This game sucks. If you like mediocre fighting games, are a huge fan of the Spike TV series or enjoy awkward combat/animations then go ahead and download it. For everyone else, spend your 600 pts elsewhere.

Xbox LIVE Arcade


Release Date: 5August 1, 2012
Price: 1200 pts
Developer: Tequila Works
Publisher: Xbox LIVE Arcade

The world has ended. There is no hope. No new beginning. Only the survivors. DEADLIGHT follows the journey of Randall Wayne, a man searching for his family across Seattle during the aftermath of a 1980s event that has decimated life on earth. This visually stunning Cinematic Survival Platformer will challenge you to run, jump, climb, and struggle for your life as you look for answers and the ones you love.


Games on Demand

  • MX vs ATV Reflex – $19.99 – Lean your rider to take tighter turns and higher jumps as you power your bike independently. Avoid catastrophic wrecks with separate controls for the rider and vehicle. Dual controls let you tear it up with death-defying tricks and high-flying freestyle action. Fight for traction while you dig up the track to force the competition to carve new race lines.
  • Ridge Racer Unbounded – $39.99 – Ridge Racer Unbounded gears up to carve its own destructive path on a spectacular collision course! Ridge Racer is on its way back into the eager hands of gamers & Ridge Racer Unbounded is coming to add an unexpected dimension to the series and deliver an original blast of ferocious racing adrenaline. Easily create thousands of tracks and share them online.
  • The Adventures of Tintin (Kinect)$29.99 – Join fearless reporter Tintin & his faithful companion Snowy on their greatest adventure. Re-live the movie & much more as you uncover the secret of the fabled ship The Unicorn. – Enjoy all the best movie moments from side-car chases to epic fights. – Fly, fight, uncover mysteries & solve your way through a breathtaking quest. – Defy perilous traps in thrilling platforming sequences. – Share the fun in co-op game mode! Join forces with friends, choose one of the main movie characters & unlock their special abilities!
  • El Shaddai – $19.99 – Humanity’s future rests in your capable hands in El Shaddai ASCENSION OF THE METATRON, an innovative new action-adventure epic that casts the player in the role of a brave warrior named Enoch. He has been tasked by Heaven to recapture the fallen angels that are wreaking havoc on human civilization, and must ascend a maddening, otherworldly tower and defeat unimaginable horrors along the way. Combining breathtaking visual artistry, a variety of exciting and unique gameplay styles, and a timeless story line inspired by ancient Biblical apocrypha, El Shaddai delivers an experience truly unlike anything that came before it.
  • Disney Universe – $29.99 – This childrens adventure allows players to dress up in various Disney inspired costumes as they venture through legendary Disney worlds. Although it scored a horrendously bad 1.5 when it was reviewed by a former Vivid Gamer staff member, I’ve played the game and don’t think it’s nearly as awful as he makes it out to be. If you have young children or love Disney, give this game a try.
  • MotionSports: Adrenaline (Kinect) - $29.99 – Defy the impossible and dominate the forces of nature. Take on 7 of the world’s most dangerous sports. Plunge down mountains in your wingsuit, pull off a frontside 360 while Kiteboarding, or hurtle down 200 foot waterfalls on your kayak. 7 Insanely Dangerous Sports—Experience pulse-pounding sports like wingsuit proximity flying, kiteboarding, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, extreme skiing, jungle parkour and more. Risk It All for Greatness— The riskier your moves, the bigger the bonuses. Build up your fan base online and unlock new challenges and locations, get sick gear, and lock-in lucrative sponsorship deals. Take on your Friends—Compete solo or with a friend in multiple game modes such as Speed Round, Tricks and Collectibles, Challenges, and Survival mode.


Notable DLC

  • Street Fighter X Tekken: Additional Characters Pack – 1200 pts – Let’s not debate on whether charging for on-disc DLC is wrong or right (it’s WRONG BY THE WAY CAPCOM) and let me just tell you what you’re getting for $15: 6 Street Fighter and 6 Tekken characters join the battle, for a total of 12 new fighters! Characters Included: Sakura, Blanka, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Lars, Alisa, JACK-X, Bryan, Christie, Lei.
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters – Treasure Isle – 800 pts – This new story quest line will take the unnamed hero on the pursuit of the legendary treasure of Captain Steelbeard. Join Captain Steelbeard’s daughter, Patty, on a journey to an unknown island that offers new environments to explore with many puzzles to solve, treasures to loot & mysteries to unravel. An all-new exclusive legendary item awaits those who have the courage to undertake this quest.
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters – The Air Temple – 800 pts - Gargoyles have infested the game world of Risen 2: Dark Waters, and it is up to the unnamed hero to get to explore the mysterious Air Temple in search of answers. Embark on an all-new story quest line where an old friend returns to help the player in their journey. Explore an additional island with new characters and quests with up to 8 hours of additional playtime as well as new enemies.
  • PES 2013 – Demo – Experience the skill and technique demanded by PES 2013’s total football. As teams fuelled by Pro-Active AI make runs and behave like real players, PES 2013’s all-new Full Control elements give you total control over every move – with fully manual shooting meaning that no two goals will be the same. Player ID then adds further depth, as the best players move and behave just like their real-life counterparts. Get an early sample of PES 2013’s gameplay.
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Demo – (Gold Exclusive) – TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron transports you to the final days of the planet Cybertron where you will experience the darkest hours of the apocalyptic war between the Autobots and Decepticons. Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through a wide range of missions and massive environments designed around each character’s unique abilities.


Indie Game Highlight

(After looking over the past week releases in the XBLIG marketplace, nothing seemed too noteworthy so I instead elected to highlight one of the best indie games released)


Release Date: September 28, 2011
Price: 240 pts
Developer: Tribute Games
Violence: 1/3, Sex: 1/3, Mature Content: 1/3

The once peaceful Kingdom of Gorudo is threatened by an evil presence. The only hope for salvation is Cyrus, a wizard versed in a secret magic art called Wizorb! Explore many strange places from the derelict monster infested town of Clover to Gorudo Castle atop Cauldron Peak. Danger lurks around every corner so you’ll need to keep your wits about you and have quick reflexes in order to survive. Enjoy this Arkanoid like title with RPG elements for only $3!


Hope you all enjoyed this edition of the Xbox Marketplace Update! Be sure to come back every Wednesday for all things Xbox related and leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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