Jul 31, 2012

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The Political Machine 2012 Now Available From Stardock

The Political Machine 2012 Now Available From Stardock


With the upcoming election, I’m sure many debates have been waged over who is the best one to put in office. Do you feel that Obama is doing well enough to have a second term? Or do you believe it’s time to give Romney a chance? Perhaps you’re like me and feel that if you were elected, you could do the best job ever.

While the odds of me or anyone who’s campaign to run hasn’t advance past the comforts of home are slim, Stardock’s latest title The Political Machine 2012 allows players to take their chances as Obama, Romney, or a character created to portray oneself. The 2012 edition of The Political Machine features a vast array of updated political topics from gun control to Obamacare. Regional issues will be challenging for presidential hopefuls as they have to walk a fine line. If that isn’t enough pressure, you can run against either a computer-controlled opponent or a human one over the internet.

Stardock CEO and President Brad Wardell comments:

“The algorithms involved in this simulator are frighteningly accurate. When playing the game as true to reality as possible, the last two presidential election results came very close to what the game ultimately predicted.”

The Political Machine 2012 was released today for digital purchase. You can get your copy via Steam, the official website, or most other digital distributors.

[Source: Stardock]