Jul 25, 2012

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Xbox Marketplace Update: July 25, 2012

Xbox Marketplace Update: July 25, 2012

Welcome to the second week of the Summer of Arcade featuring the Kinect title Wreckateer. Outside of this new title we’ve got four new games on demand, a fun looking indie game to enjoy, and one of the saddest deals of the week I’ve had the misfortune of reporting on. I guess we could just be thankful that it’s not Borderlands or Fallout 3 DLC again.

Deal of the Week

  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – The Da Vinci Disappearance – 800 pts 400 pts – Recover stolen paintings in two new locations with two new gameplay features in a game that is over a year old. This “Deal” is literally the only thing highlighted for this week and what’s worse is that Microsoft isn’t marketing their Sales and Specials app enough which easily offers a couple much better deals then this one. If you’re lucky enough to download this app in your area, these are the deals offered within it:
  • Choplifter HD – 800 pts 600 pts – Take on the role of an up and coming rescue pilot asked to join the elite international helicopter rescue team.
  • Skydrift – 1200 pts 800 pts – Get closer then ever before to the world of adrenaline pumping sky-racing where everybody can test and master their flying and combat skills against the deadliest opponents.

Special Sales

  • Kinectimals – Now With BEARS! (Add-On) – 1200 pts 600 pts – Explore a whole new island and mystery in the Kinectimals add-on Bear Island. Adopt a bunch of cute bears and embark on a journey across the mysterious island of Mira, solving Fiddler’s Quest.

Xbox LIVE Arcade


Release Date: July 25, 2012
Price: 800 pts
Developer: Airtight Games Inc
Publisher: Square Enix

Wreckateer uses the Kinect to put you in control of a massive castle-wrecking Ballista. With the help of Wreck and Tinker, use 6 magic projectiles to travel the land and destroy 60 castles. Enjoy this motion-based Angry Birds/Crush the Castle game today!

Games on Demand

  • Rayman Origins – $19.99 – Rayman Origins is easily one of the best platformers I’ve played in years. Combining gorgeous visuals with solid and enjoyable gameplay, it’d be a crime if anyone passed up this gem. If you still need convincing as to why you should download this game, check out the review I wrote on it late last year.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 – $29.99 – Valve’s addictive team-based zombie-romp finally hit the Games on Demand market this week (likely due to the upcoming DLC). Combining everything that made the original game fun (though the characters aren’t as awesome IMO) and including new special zombies plus melee weapons, there’s no reason anyone should have missed this FPS.
  • Raving Rabbids: A&K – $19.99 – The Rabbids have already invaded the past, the world, your TV, the moon, and now they are set to invade your own home, coming out from the floor and interacting with you through ridiculous and humorous physical challenges. This year with the augmented reality, watch as the Rabbids mess with your life in front of your eyes! For the very 1st time on Kinect, play up to four players simultaneously in a flood of crazy game modes!
  • Prototype 2 – $59.99 – It’d be easy to mark this title as the “Overpriced Game of the Week” but since it just recently released, I guess it deserves a pass. Although it didn’t score as high as it’s predecessor, this superhero title is still worth checking out putting players up against the last games protagonist Alex Mercer.

Notable DLC

  • Saints Row The Third: Horror Pack – 240 pts – Join the ranks of the most terrifying dreams with these horrific costumes. Dress up as a zombie, a slasher and a werewolf.
  • Dragon’s Dogma: A Different Sky 10 – 80 pts – The final batch of 10 quests in the series. Obtain special medallions in this new set of quests for Capcom’s RPG.
  • Dance Central 2: Never Say Never – 240 pts – Dance to Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith’s song Never Say Never from the Karate Kid remake.
  • Lego Batman 2: Villains Pack – 160 pts – Dress up as Bizzaro, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Black Manta or Gorilla Grodd.
  • Lego Batman 2: Heroes Pack – 160 pts – Features Nightwing, Katana, Shazam, Zatanna and Robin (Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian Wayne).

Indie Game Highlight

Ninja Exorcist Episode 1

Release Date: July 23, 2012
Price: 80 pts
Developer: Nebula Game Studios
Violence: 3/3, Sex: 0/3, Mature Content: 2/3

Ninja Exorcist is the passion project of Nebula Game Studios. Featuring gorgeous full 1080p HD hand-painted and hand-animated 2D visuals, a beautiful score, and deep, polished gameplay, Ninja Exorcist sets out to combine action, stealth, exploration and a plethora of gameplay-altering upgrades into an engrossing and methodical experience that will sink its claws into your gaming senses. Check out the awesome looking trailer here and download this game now.


That does it for this week’s marketplace update. Sorry about missing last week but definitely come back next Wednesday for everything Xbox related in the Xbox Marketplace Update.

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