Jul 21, 2012

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Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend Is Here

Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend Is Here

This weekend ArenaNet presents the last of the Guild Wars 2 beta events. If you were invited to the event or pre-ordered the game this is your last chance to explore the world of Tyria until the game’s release on August 28th.

ArenaNet made a lot of changes for the last beta event for players to test before release, including improvements upon World-versus-World (WvW) battles, the ability to create asura and sylvari characters for the first time, and explore a brand new map, Brisban Wildlands.

Also, fewer worlds will be available this weekend than in past beta weekends. ArenaNet wants more people on each server to stress test the handling of the servers’ power and to get a feel for exactly how many servers they may need at launch. ArenaNet wants to be able to support high population servers and stay away from too many low population servers.

Expect some lag this weekend, but more people usually means more involvement in big events. Have fun with your last weekend in Tyria if you have beta access. Explore everything!

[Source: ArenaNet]