Jul 19, 2012

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Blizzard CEO Michael Morhaime Addresses Diablo III Community

Blizzard CEO Michael Morhaime Addresses Diablo III Community

In response to the outcry over Diablo III from the fan community, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime addresses some of their concerns in a statement released early this morning.

Since Diablo III’s launch, many players have been unhappy with the games sustainability, loot system, and auction house. Poring over the Diablo III forums, you get an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction from the players.

Mike let fans know that the Blizzard team realizes that many are not happy with the game in its current state. He touches on incoming improvements to the game and it seems as if he is asking everyone to stick it out with Blizzard.

“We are not satisfied with breaking launch records; we want people to continue playing and enjoying Blizzard games for a very long time,” states Morhaime.

He mentions that the Blizzard staff is working on interface updates, social updates, and overall game improvements. He says he understands that the real money auction house is not perfect and he is looking to the community for more suggestions. Morhaime promises more changes in patch 1.0.4 and more with the incoming PvP patch 1.1. One statement that seems to be catching a lot of attention was a promise to bring more gameplay alternatives for max-level characters, so they have the opportunity to not always be on the “item hunt.”

The response to his statement has been nearly all positive, with players saying that their faith is being restored in the game. Then again, this is the internet, and some players saw this as the last straw and swore off Blizzard games forever.

[Source: Blizzard Entertainment]