Jul 17, 2012

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Red Panda Games Announces Harvest Festival: All Signs

Red Panda Games Announces Harvest Festival: All Signs

Red Panda Games announced their latest project, Harvest Festival: All Signs. This PC title is currently in production and the company has a crowdfunding page set up for it on indiegogo.

Harvest Festival: All Signs might look like a typical Harvest Moon-inspired title but Red Panda Games informs us that their title offers some unique features. What makes this game so special is the lack of a language barrier. This means that no matter what language you speak, all players from around the world will be able to play together and understand each other with the complex picture and sign language system. Gestures, emotions, and pictures will help players to complete daily tasks and chat with fellow gamers. Another feature that stands out is the unique barter and trade system that allows you to set the value of in-game items.

The game isn’t due out until January 2013 and will be a free online social Harvest Moon meets Princess Maker. You can check out the indiegogo page for Harvest Festival: All Signs. Red Panda Games is collecting funds in order to pay their artist. If interested, you can choose one of the eight perks that are valued from $1 up to the full $500 which is the company’s goal. Each perk offers a special reward ranging from an unique in-game item to basically naming your own reward (within Red Panda Games’ limits).

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