Jul 13, 2012

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MW3 Elite July Content Drops Revealed

MW3 Elite July Content Drops Revealed

Activision recently revealed the Xbox 360 and PS3 Elite Premium Content updates for Modern Warfare 3 to be released throughout the month.

On July 17th Xbox 360 Elite members will receive four exclusive downloads: three multiplayer maps and a Special Ops mission. The three multiplayer maps are: Decommission, Offshore and the classic Terminal map. The Special Ops map that will be offered is titled Vertigo, “dispatch helicopters and enemies alike from a rooftop vantage point on the Oasis hotel.” Those who aren’t elite members will be able to download Terminal the follow day on July 18th.

PlayStation 3 Elite members will also get four downloads which includes three Face Off maps and a Special ops mission. Releasing July 19th PS3 members will get: Vortex, U-Turn, Intersection and the Special Ops mission Artic Recon.

In MW2, terminal was one of the more interesting maps in the game. It was great for those who enjoyed using the overpowered explosive weapons or for those who liked to camp choke points, but I always considered it one of the most poorly designed maps in the game. Maybe that had to do with the way MW2 played, either way it will be interesting to see how this map will play in MW3.

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