Jul 11, 2012

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Xbox Marketplace Update: July 11, 2012

Xbox Marketplace Update: July 11, 2012


This week may appear to be a lot worse then it truly is, considering the deal of the week is once again a repeat for ancient Xbox 360 titles. Take a better look though and you’ll find some great content including three new arcade titles, a couple games on demand, a great looking indie title for cheap, and some Microsoft XBLA titles for half off.

Deal of the Week

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Add-ons:

  • Shivering Isles – 2400 pts 1200 pts
  • Knights of the Nine – 800 pts 400 pts

Fallout 3 Add-ons:

  • Mothership Zeta – 800 pts 400 pts
  • Point Lookout – 800 pts 400 pts
  • Broken Steel – 800 pts 400 pts
  • The Pit – 800 pts 400 pts
  • Operation: Anchorage – 800 pts 400 pts

Special Sales

Microsoft Studios Arcade Sale

(Note: You do not have to be a gold member to get these deals)

  • Toy Soldiers: Cold War – 1200 pts 600 pts – This 3rd-person tower-defense shooter hybrid earned a 9 in my review when it released last year and is definitely worth checking out for this price. The addition of a couple nice add-ons only sweetens the package.
  • Hydrophobia – 400 pts 200 pts – When Hydrophobia released it was met with pretty low marks though some found it to be rather fun. If you’ve been on the fence about this title, now is your chance to get it for only $2.50.
  • Section 8 Prejudice – 1200 pts 600 pts – Prejudice is a sci-fi first person shooter with dynamic combat, where every decision drastically impacts the battlefield. Discover the sinister series of betrayals that threaten humanity’s survival in the 5 hour single-player campaign, battle up to 32 players as you complete various Dynamic Combat Missions in Conquest, compete online with up to four players in the all new Swarm co-op mode, and unlock a devastating arsenal of over 60 weapons, equipment, and upgrade variants.
  • The Splatters – 800 pts 400 pts – This overlooked action-puzzler has players looking to blow up The Splatters in as stylish a manner as possible. Reception has been mixed, but I’d suggest downloading the trial version to see whether this combo-centric title is right up your alley.
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane – 1200 pts 600 pts – This all-new sequel to the legendary arcade hit features amazing dynamic water physics, transformable rocket-powered boats, gorgeous visuals and over-the-top interactive environments. Single player games include Race and Championship, and two brand new modes: Ring Master and the explosive Gauntlet. Combine local 4-player split-screen and online multiplayer games with 8 players over Xbox LIVE.

Xbox LIVE Arcade

Quantum Conundrum

Release Date: July 11, 2012
Price: 1200 pts
Developer: Airtight Games Inc
Publisher: Square Enix

When you arrive to visit your uncle, you notice something’s wrong. He’s not there to greet you and there was an explosion just as you arrived. Rescue your uncle using his newest invention, the Interdimensional Shift Device. Shift between five different dimensions in real time and work your way through his crazy complex mansion!


Zuma’s Revenge

Release Date: July 11, 2012
Price: 800 pts
Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games

Experience new levels of ball-blasting action! Leap in and conquer 69 levels of Adventure mode. Discover four new Spirit Animals (at least one of them is a monkey!) and harness their abilities to power up your game. Dive in to the high-stakes Iron Frog mode: 10 levels, one frog. Can you make it out alive? Battle all 8 tiki bosses in the fast-paced Boss Rush. Enter the Weekly Challenge and compete for high score on a new level every week.


Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre

Release Date: July 13, 2012
Price: 800 pts
Developer: NEXON Korea Corporation / Neople Inc. / Softmax Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Hack-and-slash action and 2D side scrolling meet multiplayer mania in Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre. Take on the role of three classic Dungeon Fighters—Slayer, Gunner, and Fighter—to defend Hendon Myre from monsters spreading Phantasmalia. Customize your heroes by creating and enhancing gear, and deliver unique attacks by chaining and combining skills, all while playing with up to 4 players on the same console or via Xbox LIVE!


Games on Demand

  • Zumba Fitness: Rush – $49.99 – This week’s overpriced game on demand comes in the form of the Kinect title Zumba Fitness: Rush. Dance along with 42 all new routines and 24 international dance styles, from Bollywood to Merengue to Hip-Hop.
  • Portal 2 – $29.99 – One of 2011′s best games released, download the sequel to one of the best puzzle games of our generation. With a fully fleshed out campaign, a separate cooperative campaign, and some enjoyable DLC there’s no reason not to have this game in one form or another.

Notable DLC

  • Kinect Playfit – FREE – This fitness tracking app has just been released in the US and will be available outside the states in the coming weeks. View your personal stats with this calorie tracker and compare with friends across leaderboards and different Kinect titles like Dance Central 2 and Your Shape Fitness Evolved.

Indie Game Highlight

Obsessive Collecting Disorder

Release Date: July 6, 2012
Price: 80 pts
Developer: Hyped Hampster
Violence: 3/3, Sex: 0/3, Mature Content: 1/3

This 2D platformer is reminiscent of Super Meat Boy and N+. With 70 levels of hardcore action, your main objective is to simply survive and collect everything you can. Check out this trailer and download this awesome looking title for a measly dollar.


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