Jul 9, 2012

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Persona 4 Arena Features Cameo Appearance

Persona 4 Arena Features Cameo Appearance

While we haven’t seen any sign of Persona 3 favorites such as Kuromaru or Shinjiro, it is evident that one of the background characters will be seen in the upcoming fighting title Persona 4 Arena. He doesn’t quite look like you remember him from any of the Persona 3 versions but the guy in the image above did play a valuable role for the SEES team.

In the spin-off for Persona 4, it appears that Officer Kurosawa has branched out from selling weapons and armor out of the Iwatodai police station. Not only does it look like he’s working with Mitsuru Kijiro from Persona 3 but also Naoto from Persona 4. He could be one of the few non-playable characters that offer a connection between the casts of both RPG titles.

Which unannounced character(s) are you hoping to make at least a small cameo in ATLUS and Arc Systems Works’ title Persona 4 Arena? I still hold out some hope that we will get to learn more about what happened to the rest of the SEES team. Not to mention, I would absolutely love to see Shinjiro Aragaki make an appearance though that might be dependent on a few small factors.

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