Jun 20, 2012

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Microsoft Announces Surface Tablets

Microsoft Announces Surface Tablets

On Monday Microsoft called journalists to an impromptu press conference in Hollywood to reveal their latest plan for pushing Windows 8. They revealed that they’re developing their own brand of tablets using their existing name for touch sensitive screens, Surface. There will be two tablets initially known as The Surface and Surface Pro. The Surface is an ARM-based Win RT model which will compete with existing Android tablets and the iPad. The Surface Pro will have an Intel Core processor on board meaning it will be compatible with some PC Games.

Though Microsoft hasn’t revealed much in the way of specs for each tablet, it did show off some smart cases similar to the iPads with keyboards built in. The only specs released can be seen below:

Though the news is interesting, Microsoft isn’t the first to announce a Windows 8 tablet with a Core processor inside. ASUS, Acer and Lenovo have all been demoing similar devices for the past half year.

The Surface obviously won’t be able to run much beyond older games in low resolution, but it’s a nice alternative and has the potential to be a decent gaming platform. Since Microsoft is now vested in tablet manufacturing, this means they can’t afford to make another Zune signaling that they’re becoming more heavily committed to competing in the tablet space and less committed to investing in desktop apps and games.

While I’m interested in the Surface tablet, I’m a little skeptical with Microsoft looking to challenge the giant that is Apple’s iPad. What’s your take on Microsoft’s new Surface?

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