Jun 6, 2012

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Free App of the Day: June 6, 2012

Free App of the Day: June 6, 2012

For those that have ever bagged groceries for a living, do your best to forget what you know about that mundane task as you download today’s free app. Bag It! somehow makes the act of bagging groceries fun having players use logic to plan out how their items will be bagged.

You must somehow find a way to fit all of the items in the grocery bag while being wary of each items individual properties. Like the real world, each item reacts accordingly based on how they’re placed into each bag. Stacking items onto egg cartons will force them to break and putting something as heavy as a watermelon on top of items will easily smash anything underneath. Though it may sound simple, it’s surprisingly addictive.

Check it out here:

Bag It!iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone

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