Jun 6, 2012

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E3 2012: Sony Worldwide Pres Talks Vita and 3D

E3 2012: Sony Worldwide Pres Talks Vita and 3D

While Sony’s E3 media briefing was certainly a stunner on the PS3 games front, the same can’t be said for their newly-minted handheld. During what should have been a Vita showcase to inspire confidence in the struggling console, very few titles were shown. So too was stereoscopic 3D largely absent – a strange situation given Sony’s confidence in the technology’s application to video games. The fine folks over at Giant Bomb caught up with Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, to ask him about these concerns.

Yoshida spoke in a humble manner, placing blame for the show’s PS3-heavy focus on a company decision to shorten the length of their annual conference. With only so much time to give, Sony chose to employ hard-hitting footage from their upcoming PS3 exclusives – leaving more than 20 Vita games to be explored on the show floor throughout the week. Meanwhile, a mixed reception to 2011′s 3D-heavy showing prompted Sony to forgo a similar approach this year. The company felt that, with stereoscopic 3D firmly established in their game library, the technology had made its mark and was fit to become more of a bullet point than a talking point.

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