Jun 6, 2012

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E3 2012: Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase-Live Blog

E3 2012: Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase-Live Blog

Nintendo is looking to make a statement in a highly competitive handheld market. With fierce competition from the PS Vita, iOS devices, and Android enabled devices, Nintendo will attempt to postion themselves as the champions of handheld gaming and we’re here to cover it second by second. Follow us along as the 3DS showcase goes live for major updates and announcements as they happen. Be sure to refresh your page every once in a while for new information as it comes.


5:56 PM PST- Announcement stating that conference will begin in 5 minutes.

6:09-  Conference begins, delay may have been occurred because people were coming in late.

6:09- Reggie Fils-Aime on stage.

6:10- Scott Moffitt on stage.

6:11- Moffitt pulls out non-specific action figure!

6:14- Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Mirror of Fate trailer being shown; slated for Fall 2012.

6:17- Dave Cox (Konami) on stage; detailing game story and details.

6:20- Moving on to platforming in Castlevania; 4 playable characters including newly revealed Alicard.

6:22- Moffitt moves on to Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon; trailer being shown right now.

6:24- Ghost Dog!

6:25- Multiple mansions, hidden areas; release date this holiday, coming to stores and for download on eShop.

6:26- Warren Spector on stage; talking about Epic Mickey Power of Illusion.

6:28- Interesting concept revolving around forgotten Disney history; spiritual successor to Castle of Illusion?

6:29- Trailer being shown, definitely a retro feel to this game.

6:30- Ability to paint and thin using bottom screen on 3DS.

6:31- Moffitt introduces Paper Mario Sticker Star.

6:32- Paper Mario demo.

6:34- Explore environments to find stickers; use in battle as attacks and defense.

6:35- Action battle system back; battles bring coins and stickers.

6:36- Paperization revealed; allows you to freeze game and place stickers, could be used to solve puzzles.

6:38- XP gained by solving puzzles and exploring and not by battling.

6:39- Real world items in the game, can be turned into stickers.

6:40- Real world fan turned to sticker; used to turn windmill. Problem solved.

6:41- Battle Spin function being detailed; managing stickers is important.

6:43- Holiday season release but no specific date.

6:43- Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance trailer.

6:45- Circle Pad Pro support, slow motion, reality shift, streetpass support, 7/31 release.

6:46- Scribblenauts Unlimited trailer on now; uses streetpass as well.

6:47- Full world in Scribblenauts, not level by level.

6:47- Lego Batman 3, Transformers Prime, Rabbids Rumble, Heroes of Ruin in 3rd party trailer.

6:48- Pokemon Black/White 2 being detailed.

6:49- Talking about eShop; apparently a lot of people use it.

6:51- Threediots coming to Nintendo Video.

6:52- Pokemon Dream Radar, Pokemon 3D Pro being detailed; can use Dream Radar to catch hard to find Pokemon.

6:53- Demos galore this summer!

6:53- Lego Batman 2 demo up now on eShop.

6:54- Talking about direct downloads; pushing it pretty hard.

6:55- New Super Mario Bros.2 first big game to be downloadable.

6:56- Loads of coins to be collected in the title; Golden Fireflower turns things into coins.

6:57- Coin Rush revealed; Streetpass function where you race for most coins.

6:59- Co-op for full game revealed.

7:oo- Tanooki Suit lets you fly again.

7:01- 8/19 release date for New Super Mario Bros 2.

7:02- Reggie thumbs up the conference from the crowd.

7:03- Conference Ends.

Now that the conference is over, tell us what you thought about it in the comments section below and stay tuned for trailers, images, and more wrap-ups of this conference and the other conferences this E3.