Jun 4, 2012

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E3 2012: Quantic Dream’s New Game is BEYOND

E3 2012: Quantic Dream’s New Game is BEYOND

Speaking to those gathered at Sony’s E3 press conference tonight, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage announced the studio’s latest project: BEYOND: Two Souls.

Starring Academy Award-nominated actress Ellen Page, BEYOND tells the tale of one Jodie Holmes – a girl who possesses a psychological link to an entity she calls Aiden. Through Aiden, Jodie can telekinetically manipulate the world around her, but this supernatural power places her at odds with forces who wish to control her.

In BEYOND, players will control both Jodie and Aiden in “emotionally-charged” events spanning much of her life. The actions and decisions you make during these intense moments will change Jodie’s fate forever.

Stay tuned to Vivid Gamer for more on Quantic Dream’s latest PS3 title. In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on this gorgeous first trailer.

BEYOND: Two Souls First Trailer

YouTube Preview Image