Jun 3, 2012

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Sony Teases “The Future of PlayStation Plus”; E3 Reveal Tomorrow

Sony Teases “The Future of PlayStation Plus”; E3 Reveal Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening, when Sony execs take the stage in Los Angeles for their annual E3 press conference, the PlayStation nation will be treated to the year’s biggest reveals and a glimpse at the future of PlayStation. This year, it seems that the future of PlayStation is intimately tied with the future of PlayStation Plus. A banner placed on the official North American PlayStation homepage early this morning asks gamers to tune in for Sony’s official livestream of Monday night’s show, but also promises big news about PlayStation’s two-year-old subscription service. The banner can be seen above.

What does it all mean? If you’ve been following my PlayStation coverage here at Vivid Gamer, then you already know some of my guesses. If not, check out my feature analyzing the rumors of a Sony-Gaikai partnership for streaming games and how Plus could fit into it all. One thing’s for sure – Monday’s Plus reveal will be huge, and is shaping up to be the highlight of Sony’s show.

You can catch the official Sony press conference here; the action starts at 5:30 PM PT with the show kicking off at 6. During the show, I’ll be tweeting live impressions and updating a journal of the show here on Vivid Gamer. Follow me (@PaybackPrahl) and the site (@VividGamer) to stay clued in if you can’t catch the stream.