Jun 3, 2012

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E3 2012: Sony Conference Live Blog

E3 2012: Sony Conference Live Blog

Welcome to Vivid Gamer’s E3 2012 coverage. As PlayStation Editor in these here parts, I’ll be covering all things Sony coming out of Los Angeles. The show gets underway with Sony’s annual press conference on Monday night at 6:00 PM PT. To keep you abreast of the biggest news and reveals, I’ll keep a running journal of announcements and my impressions during the two-hour show. Keep this page open in a separate tab, and hit Refresh (F5) periodically to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Also, follow Vivid Gamer (@VividGamer) and myself (@PaybackPrahl) on Twitter for a steady stream of news and thoughts throughout the week. Remember, my thoughts and opinions do not reflect those of Vivid Gamer as as whole.


5:10 PM – Hey guys. Sitting at my desk, two monitors ready. Let’s do this.

5:14 PM – Getting art assets ready for some rapid news posting, if necessary. The stream is playing some killer inspirational music. Kojima spotted outside the show.

5:19 PM – That’s JOURNEY music I hear!!! :)

5:26 PM – Some chanting music I vaguely recognize. Feel like I should be able to instantly name this game.

5:31 PM – Sizzle reel pre-show. A PlayStation timeline.

5:33 PM – And there’s Jeff Rubenstein! Dude should be off making minis. BEYOND!

5:34 PM – HOLY CRAP. Vita fits into Jeff’s inside suit pocket.

5:46 PM – Sound Shapes for Vita confirmed release date: August 7.

5:50 PM – Sly 4 gameplay being shown, looks like new hub. Apparently the hubs are huge. Still in pre-show.

5:56 PM – IGN’s Greg Miller appears on the Sony livestream. T-minus four minutes to showtime.

6:03 PM – Holy sizzle reel.

6:12 PM – Quantic Dream’s new game is Beyond: Two Souls. This game looks AMAZING.

6:18 PM – I can’t get over how good that game looked.

6:20 PM – Here come some character reveals for #PSASBR.

6:21 PM – SuperBot Entertainment enters with VIP smoke.

6:21 PM – BOOM! All-Stars compatible for Vita, cross-compatible with PS3. Here comes a demo of cross-play.

6:23 PM – Hydra appears to own Qwark.

6:26 PM – New characters announced: Nathan Drake and Big Daddy.

6:31 PM – Plus free games on the way: inFAMOUS 2, Saints Row 2, LittleBigPlanet 2.

6:33 PM – PSone Classics coming to Vita “this summer.”

6:34 PM – Obligatory entertainment mentions.

6:35 PM – Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified launching this Holiday season for Vita.

6:36 PM – Assassin’s Creed coming to Vita.

6:38 PM – Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Vita Bundle will introduce the Crystal White Wi-Fi Vita to North America. No price, release date is October 30.

6:40 PM – Exclusive Assassin’s Creed III gameplay being shown. Sea battles. That is all.

6:43 PM – Damn. Sea battles are epic.

6:44 PM – AC3 bundle includes game, PS3, and exclusive DLC. No price given. Far Cry news incoming.

6:47 PM – 4-player co-op revealed for Far Cry 3. Looks sweet. Tropical Call of Duty. Getting exclusive DLC for PS3.

6:50 PM – Lots of Move talk. Are we gonna see a killer app?

6:51 PM – A magical book is shown, adapting to the imagination of a child and family. PS Eye is involved somehow. Wonderbook is the title.

6:53 PM – Educational and scientific experiences are in the works. Wonderbook sounds like an accessory (or game) that can be fitted with game modules.

6:54 PM – Partnership with J.K. Rowling announced – Book of Spells is first title to be published for Wonderbook. Sony partnership announced with Pottermore. Exclusive, original writing from J.K. herself; spells can be cast with the Move wand.

6:56 PM – I have a feeling Sony is going to sell some PS3s with this. Book of Spells about to be demoed.

6:56 PM – Book of Spells is difficult to describe. It seems that the Eye places imagery and text onto the books’ pages as they appear on your TV. Then, you interact and participate as the story, or experience, unfolds. Harry Potter is the license they’re using to sell this to us right now. Definitely targeted at kids and families, for the time being.

7:00 PM – Live demo isn’t going smoothly. Looks like brief Move recognition issues. Lady is learning Incendio.

7:01 PM – Too much Wonderbook. Come on, Sony. Time to move on. Have a feeling this is their only Move exposure during the show.

7:04 PM – Finally over. I think. Oh wait!

7:05 PM – PlayStation Suite coming to Android phones and tablets. Developers have been working on titles for quite some time. HTC will be the first non-Sony partner to feature PS Suite on devices and sell “PlayStation-certified” hardware.

7:07 PM – Woops. PlayStation Suite officially renamed to PlayStation Mobile.

7:08 PM – Thank God. Tee-hee. God of War: Ascension single-player gameplay about to be shown.

7:10 PM – Kratos is looking less grey than usual. Also, still badass.

7:11 PM – We went over the hour-long mark a bit ago. If there was ever a time to announce something big, right this demo would be it. WHOA?! Kratos has time powers? Did I see that right? Probably not.

7:14 PM – Game looks gorgeous. Gameplay looks quite familiar.

7:16 PM – Great finish to that demo. March 12, 2012 release date for God of War: Ascension.

7:17 PM – Things just got VERY quiet. And dark. Something’s happening.

7:18 PM – Oh damn. Last of Us gameplay demo.

7:22 PM – F*********************. Game looks SICK! Joel and Ellie are kicking ass, quasi-Uncharted style. Atmosphere is king, bullets are scarce. Enemies react to the sound of your empty gun. Molotovs.

7:24 PM – Demo ends as Joel is forced to execute a man to survive. I am sold.

7:25 PM – Wow. Looks like we’re wrapping up. And that’s it!

7:30 PM – Post show running now, but I’m gonna wrap things up. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll have tons more coverage right here on Vivid Gamer in the coming days. We just need to wrap our heads around it first!