May 30, 2012

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10 Tips For Surviving Dragon’s Dogma

10 Tips For Surviving Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma may not be as hard as Demon Souls or Dark Souls, but walking around the vast land of Gransys blindly can put you in some sticky situations, like getting your head bitten off by a troll or being mauled to death by a chimera.  Luckily I’ve got some tips for you newly Arisen out there that are going to make your adventures more about you killing the monsters instead of them killing you.


10.  Switch Pawns frequently.

If your level is at least two levels above your rented Pawns, switch them out for new ones. In this game, the party members known as Pawns are meant to be expendable. The only important Pawn is the main pawn you create yourself which levels up with you. The pawns you get from the Rift or meet on the street don’t level up or gain skills, so exploring with a level 20 pawn while you’re level 30 isn’t exactly a good idea.  Not to mention when you meet a chimera in the woods that pawn is cat food. There are more than enough pawns in the Rift or even the streets of Gran Soren that will fit your needs as you gain levels so don’t get attached to your pawns. Switch them up and experiment.


9. Don’t be a hoarder.

If you’ve played Skyrim (and who hasn’t?) you know all about being over encumbered. The same thing applies here. If you’re over encumbered, you can’t pick up items, and running away is more like walking away, meaning if you’re trying to run from a horde of goblins trying to kill you and you’re over encumbered, you won’t get very far. What I like to do is every time I’ve finished a quest I dump all my materials and unneeded weapons and armor into the very convenient item storage provided by the innkeeper. This puts all your stuff in a nice place where you know its safe and can always come back for it later.


8. Don’t ever forget your lantern.

I like to compare the day/night system of Dragon’s Dogma to Minecraft. When the sun goes down, all hell breaks loose. Zombies, evil mages, ghosts, and skeletons like to appear out of nowhere, and the regular enemies that are there in the day are still there, too, but since its dark out you’re not going to see them, which means they can easily flank you. There is nothing worse then wandering around in the dark only to have some giant troll come out of nowhere and stomp the hell out of you. I make sure that both my main pawn and I have a lantern equipped. Better to have double the light than none at all. It’s not enough just to have a lantern. You need to have enough flasks of oil to power that lantern. Luckily, jars of oil can be found all throughout the land so you have no excuse not to have any.


7. Upgrade your stuff.

Some people don’t like to upgrade their stuff since you’re just going to get better armor down the line anyway. This isn’t exactly the best idea. It works for some but not for all.  I say upgrade your current equipment the best you can early on. Not only does this keep you safe in terms of defense but sometimes your upgraded equipment is actually better than the new equipment from the armorer. This is definitely important for your main pawn since many Arisen in other realms may not recruit your pawn if he/she doesn’t have ample equipment.


6. Choose your skills wisely.

You never know what’s going to pop out at you in the land of Gransys, so it’s best to be prepared for battle at all times. It’s better to have skills that knockdown or stun enemies, but not for all members of your party. A fighter has the best knockdown skills, so try to get them in the front lines. Make sure that your mage has some kind of elemental enchantment for your weapons. My favorite is the fire enchanter. Nine times out of ten, the monsters you’re fighting out there are weak against fire.