May 25, 2012

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38 Studios and Big Huge Games Shut Down

38 Studios and Big Huge Games Shut Down

It appears that today that the worst that could have happened to the whole 38 Studios debacle has happened. A little while ago, all of the employees were laid off, with both 38 Studios and Big Huge Games shutting down.

38 Studios had acquired Big Huge Games after THQ had opted to expel the studio from it’s grasp. They had made such games as Age of Empires 3 and Rise of Nations for Microsoft 2000. A little while later in 2007 they announced they were making a RPG, and got a somebody who had worked on Elder Scrolls, Ken Rolston. In 2009, 38 Studios came in and got Big Huge Games before THQ could close the studio.

38 Studios then moved their company to Rhode Island, and Big Huge Games, which was based in Baltimore, became their “Baltimore-arm.” The RPG they were working became a sort of vehicle to show what the world of Amalur, and was Reckoning. At the time they were also working on a MMO, entitled Project Copernicus.

Sadly, because of the loan situation, and being unable to pay it, it appears they may never be able to complete the MMO they were planning for the rest of the series.

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