May 24, 2012

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Cloud Gaming Might be Coming to PlayStation

Cloud Gaming Might be Coming to PlayStation

A nebulous rumor has surfaced regarding Sony’s plans for its E3 2012 press conference. VG247 reports that Sony will announce a partnership with a “leading cloud gaming service” during its event.

No further details (or cited sources) are given, but the phrasing immediately suggests the machinations of OnLive, the company whose desktop app and home console have turned it into, well, the leading cloud gaming service in North America. Sony might harness the streaming technology and servers at OnLive’s disposal to offer the same services to PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita users for various PlayStation titles. More likely, this supposed partnership could result in an OnLive app for the PS3 that grants streaming access to the full OnLive library for PlayStation gamers. Such a deal seems plausible given the PS3′s extensive third-party app support, but we’re merely speculating at this point.Whatever the case, the early offerings will almost certainly be PlayStation Plus exclusives.

We’ll update you as this story develops, but we likely won’t hear anything more until Sony’s E3 conference on June 4.