May 22, 2012

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What’s New on the PlayStation Store (5.22.12)

What’s New on the PlayStation Store (5.22.12)

Every Tuesday, Sony brings the heat for PlayStation gamers in the form of new games, discounts, and other digital content on the PlayStation Store. The month of May started on a high note – 5 free games for Plus members was the highlight – but has since faltered in terms of interesting additions. That said, there are tons of new games arriving on the Store today and Plus members get deals on three PlayStation 3 standouts.

PlayStation Plus

  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Full Game Trial
  • Discount – Flow ($3.91)
  • Discount – Flow Bundle ($4.40)
  • Discount – Flower ($4.89
  • Discount – Flower Music & Theme Bundle ($0.99)
  • Discount – ModNation Racers ($15.00)
  • Discount – Flow PSP ($3.91)
  • Discount – Flow Expansion Pack ($1.46)

Long-awaited Move title Sorcery lands on the PlayStation Store today as a Day One digital counterpart to the retail version. At only $39.99, it might be worth checking out if you’re a Move owner starving for something to play. In other words, if you’re a Move owner. Meanwhile, Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale brings ARPG dungeon-crawling just in time to distract you from your Diablo III woes and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is available for those who don’t already own some version of this perpetual fighting game.


  • Alex Kidd Miracle World ($4.99)
  • Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock ($19.99)
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale ($14.99)
  • Monster World IV ($4.99)
  • Super Hang-On ($4.99)
  • The Revenge of Shinobi ($4.99)
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land ($4.99)
  • Wonder Boy in Monster World ($4.99)
  • Sorcery ($39.99)
  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ($29.99)
  • Table Top Tanks (for Vita) ($1.99)


  • Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale
  • Journey

It’s not every week that a new PSone or PS2 Classic comes to the store, but today we’re getting both.


  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare ($5.99)


  • Need for Speed Most Wanted ($9.99)
  • Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain ($9.99)

Finally, new DLC has arrived for the following games:


  • Dragon’s Dogma – Various
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2
  • MotorStorm RC – Various
  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Blur 2
  • Soul Calibur V – Various
  • Warriors Orochi 3
  • Rock Band 3 – Various
  • MotorStorm RC Vita – Various
  • Reality Fighters

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