May 13, 2012

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New Screens From Upcoming XSEED Games Titles

New Screens From Upcoming XSEED Games Titles

XSEED Games has released quite a few screens of their 2012 lineup. From role-playing to music-based strategy, these six titles seem to cover all the bases. Below I have a brief description of each title along with the gallery of screens. Be sure to share in the comment section which ones you’re looking forward to. Be sure to click on each image to view all the screenshots for each title.

 Ys: Origin (Steam)

Originally released on the PC in late 2006, this Japan exclusive entry in the Ys series is finally making its way stateside. Gameplay is similar to The Oath of Felghanna with the exception of three unique playable characters with their own style and story. PC gamers can expect to get this from Steam sometime this month.


Way of the Samurai 4 (PS3)

Early last month, we shared the news of North American PS3 owners being able to play the latest entry in the Way of the Samurai series. Given the fact that this title dabbles in naughty nighttime missions and other rather risque features, fans of the series might have worries about how much will be censored or cut. Those who have been wanting the chance to play the same game that Japan has had since its original release over a year ago can rest assured that XSEED is leaving nothing out.


 Unchained Blades (PSP & 3DS)

Another Japanese release from last year,  Unchained Blades gives PSP and 3DS owners a reason to pick up their handheld systems. This title features the collaboration of 13 artists which means that no two of the 13 characters are alike. But the collaboration doesn’t stop at the impressive set of characters. The story was penned by Grandia veteran Takashi Hino and directed by Lunar‘s Toshio Akashi. No word on a set release date though it is planned to be released sometime this year.


The Last Story (Wii)

While it appears that the Wii’s days of receiving worthwhile titles are drawing to a close, Mistwalker’s The Last Story is just what the console needs. Receiving high praises in Japan when it was first released, the product of former Final Fantasy executive producer Hironobu Sakaguchi will be seeing a stateside release thanks to XSEED Games on July 10, 2012.


 Ragnarok Odyssey (Vita)

One of the two Vita titles that XSEED plans to publish, Ragnarok Odyssey earned high scores from the reviewers of Famitsu. The Monster Hunter-styled title puts heavy focus on action-heavy melee combat . You can expect to see this title hit shelves some time during this Summer.


Orgarhythm (Vita)

The second title that XSEED intends to bring stateside is a rather odd title. It does sort of share a part of its title with a certain Final Fantasy 3DS title and fits into the rhythm/strategy hybrid genre. The details we know about it put gamers in the role of God of Light as you lead an army of warriors who are affected by the beat of the music to take on the God of Darkness. Each soldier is elementally-based which can either have a good impact on a battle’s outcome or negative one depending on the corresponding enemy’s element. No release date has been mentioned but it is to be released sometime this year. Another interesting thing to note is the plans for DLC.