May 10, 2012

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Developers Now Allowed To Sell Games On Facebook

Developers Now Allowed To Sell Games On Facebook

Normally, the only money earned by developers for Facebook games is through in-game purchases. However, it is soon that Facebook will be allowing developers to charge for games via a new feature that is in the works.

This feature, announced yesterday, appears to draw heavy inspiration from Apple’s own App Store. Facebook intends to feature its apps, or games, via a storefront-like destination called the App Center. The company also revealed the option for a flat-rate payment.

This move, according to the company, was made in order to encourage developers to create a broader variety in apps available on their platform. This will also make it easier for developers to create titles that don’t rely on in-game purchases. Facebook has insisted that this is not a huge business push.

“We don’t think it’s going to be a major revenue driver for us. We just want to throw it out there if developers are interested in it.”

Regardless of whether the company plans to downplay what this feature could do, it is possible that concerns will be raised as to how the line between the way consumers will interact with both companies’ marketplaces on iOS devices.

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