May 9, 2012

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Persona 4: The Golden – Rise, In-Game TV, & Bug Catching

Persona 4: The Golden – Rise, In-Game TV, & Bug Catching

Persona 4: The Golden (or simply Persona 4: Golden) releases next month in Japan and this fall in North America, and Atlus keeps leaking more info. The latest, from Famitsu, reveals that Rise has a new evolved persona (Kouzeon) as well as new supporting skills.

If you’ve played the original game, you know Rise doesn’t actively fight in battle, but rather serves a supporting role, and it looks like she has even more skills in the handheld reboot, including “Battle Support,” which provides logistical support by recovering the party or giving the group a temporary buff; “Rise Check,” which allows Rise to analyze enemies before a battle begins, and “Cheer Up,” which enables Rise to assist her friends when they’re on the offensive.

In addition to Rise’s new skills and evolved persona, the game also features a new bug-catching game; bugs caught can then be used as bait when fishing.

Another cool feature added to the Vita version of the game is the TV. While you could watch the weather or Tanaka’s show in the original game, you will now have more options on the TV, including the ability to flip through the game’s soundtrack, see clips from the anime series, and play along with Teddie’s Miracle Quiz program.

I’m super excited about the game, and can’t wait to play it. Hopefully all the features of the Japanese version will make the transition to the North American release.

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