May 9, 2012

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Carmageddon Reboot Announced

Carmageddon Reboot Announced

Fans of the violent driving-oriented series Carmageddon are in for a treat with the announcement that an all new game is set to release in February of next year. The original developer, Stainless Games, have announced that they’re developing a reboot of the series, titled Carmageddon: Reincarnation and that they’re intending to fund it through Kickstarter. Check out their Kickstarter video below.

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Stainless Games has over a dozen different Kickstarter pledge bonuses ranging from exclusive t-shirts to in-game appearances as well as VIP treatment including flight fare, all UK travel and three nights in a local hotel. The rewards are pretty neat and varied but the main points are that if Stainless Games hits $400k by Wednesday June 5, the project will be funded. If you pledge at least $15 you’ll get the released game, to download from Steam and be credited in the game as a Carmageddon Kickstarter.

The game is still over half a year away from releasing, but Stainless has stated that they’ll add more and more features to it over time. Check out their website here for more details as well as some history behind the franchise.

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