May 7, 2012

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Heroic Dungeons Detailed for The Elder Scrolls Online

Heroic Dungeons Detailed for The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls fans might be skeptical of the franchise’s potential in the MMO space, but The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director Paul Sage is anything but. In an interview with Game Informer, Sage detailed what it means to be both a hardcore fan of the series and responsible for the move to multiplayer. Among the topics discussed was the role that endgame content would play in the game. Seeking to ease the transition between story-driven, quest-based leveling and traditionally competitive (yet stagnant) endgame content, Sage detailed his team’s plan for an Elder Scrolls take on Heroic (read: Hard) Dungeons.

In keeping with Zenimax’s aim of subverting our genre expectations, Heroic Dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online will not simply be identical runs with multiplied HP and Attack Power values. Instead, setting a dungeon’s difficulty to “Heroic” will open up new areas and storylines that expand up0n the narrative given in both the normal dungeon and the game at large. Traditional raid mechanisms will keep larger parties busy with epic instanced conflicts, but it seems that Sage’s vision for Heroic Dungeons will allow higher-level players to continue unraveling the game’s deeper mysteries while unearthing new gear and items, despite having presumably hit the level cap.

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