May 3, 2012

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The Elder Scrolls Online Factions Based on Lion, Eagle, and Dragon

The Elder Scrolls Online Factions Based on Lion, Eagle, and Dragon

Now that The Elder Scrolls Online has been officially revealed, we can look back to the March 2012 leak of an Elder Scrolls MMO by Tom’s Guide and look for clues. All of the details first reported by Tom’s Guide have proven to be true, including the setting, time period, and presence of three player factions. The leak also claimed that each faction would be thematically based on three different animals – the lion, the eagle, and the dragon. Looking at the game’s first official image, it seems that these faction symbols are indeed correct. But what does this mean for the game, and which group will you choose to side with?

In Skyrim’s Civil War storyline, the Stormcloak rebels used the paw of a bear to represent their strength and unwillingness to compromise in battle. The emblem could be seen everywhere from flags to tattoos and became synonymous with the group’s rebel cause. Perhaps the ESO faction represented by the lion will champion a similar cause, seeking change or recompense of some kind in the land of Tamriel.

The eagle and dragon symbols are a greater mystery. The dragon immediately calls to mind the conflict with Alduin in Skyrim. The dragon faction of TESO be a cult dedicated to dragon worship long before the Fourth Era, or perhaps a group that seeks to free the world of Alduin’s terror (and succeeds, as Skyrim depicts, by sending him forward in time with an Elder Scroll). Meanwhile, the importance of the eagle is open to speculation.

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