May 1, 2012

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Black Ops II Interactive Trailer Paints Grim Picture of Future

Black Ops II Interactive Trailer Paints Grim Picture of Future

The world reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II rocked the Internet earlier this evening when gamers were treated to a heart-pumping, dubstep-fueled glimpse of the game’s setting – a technological future where advancements in robotics and cyber warfare have undermined the need for human soldiers. In a world where unmanned drones rule the skies and remote-operated tanks control the ground, what happens when those who wish to do us harm gain control of our tools? As Sgt. Frank Woods asks in the trailer, “What happens when the enemy steals the keys?”

With the reveal trailer circulating on so many websites, it might be easy to miss the special “Interactive Trailer” available on YouTube through the official Call of Duty YouTube channel. A series of commentary videos are attached to the trailer in chapters, and each serves to chronicle the rise of unmanned armies and the subsequent dangers that over-reliance on technology poses to the future of warfare. Interviews with a future warfare expert, a retired USMC Lieutenant Colonel, and current Special Forces operative lend gravitas to a situation that often goes unconsidered, perhaps because the possibility frightens us. Nevertheless, the commentary emphasizes the importance and power of black operatives who are given the tools to intervene when things go wrong while providing important context for the campaign of Black Ops II.

Head on over to the official Call of Duty YouTube page to check out the exclusive Interactive Trailer, and sound off in the comments with your feelings on the setting and future depicted in Black Ops II.