Apr 25, 2012

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Gravity Rush Pre-Order DLC Detailed

Gravity Rush Pre-Order DLC Detailed

Gravity Rush, the action-RPG starring Kat and a mystical… cat, is one of the Vita’s most hotly-anticipated upcoming titles. The game has been out in Japan for some time, but won’t be hitting the States until June 12. That hasn’t stopped the official PlayStation Blog from revealing the game’s pre-order bonus, which seems to be a GameStop-exclusive offer.

Pre-ordering Gravity Rush through the country’s biggest games retailer will net you the Military DLC Pack, which features two extra side missions, two new challenge missions, and a military-themed getup that grants our heroine a more dominating presence. The extra side missions will focus on Kat’s struggle to train as a military officer and defeat an army of something called “Nevies”. Guess we’ll find out what that’s all about on June 12.

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