Apr 25, 2012

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Bioware Says SWTOR Subscribers Aren’t Dropping

Bioware Says SWTOR Subscribers Aren’t Dropping

Server population in the Old Republic, according to some industry people, have looked a bit lighter than they had been in recent months. This lead to the suspicion that the game was already losing subscribers some four months into the game’s existence.

A lead writer from Bioware, Daniel Erickson, stated that the games subscription numbers have not dropped, even though the servers were looking a bit on the empty side, stating that drops in traffic during peak times are responsible for the seemingly empty servers. He said they were doing “anything and everything” to try and get those numbers back up. There was even talk of server mergers at some point.

The team for the game will be looking for ways to keep the game engaging, like creating new daily quests, or creating one-off memorable events.

[Source: ArsTechnica]