Apr 20, 2012

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Dragon’s Crown To Be Published And Produced By Atlus

Dragon’s Crown To Be Published And Produced By Atlus


Yesterday, Atlus announced that they had acquired the North American publishing rights to Dragon’s Crown. Those concerned about if the transfer of licensing rights from UTV Ignition to Atlus will affect the company developing it don’t need to worry. The cooperative action RPG is still being developed by Vanillaware for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

The transfer from UTV Ignition to Atlus will allow for the company’s acclaimed creative team to assist Vanillaware in resuming and completing the development for Dragon’s Crown. Shinichi Suzuki, Index Digital Media, Inc. President and CEO, commented:

“We are exceedingly proud to become a part of producing and publishing Dragon’s Crown. Vanillaware is a developer beloved for their tremendous visual talent and extraordinary attention to detail.  Our previous collaboration with them, Odin Sphere™, went on to sell over 350,000 units worldwide, entering the prestigious PlayStation® Greatest Hits library.  While much work remains, we believe this collaboration will be well worth the wait.”

It should also be noted that Dragon’s Crown is expected to be released next year. Stay tuned as we keep you up to date.

[Source: Atlus]