Apr 19, 2012

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Indie Royale Releases Six-Game Spring Bundle

Indie Royale Releases Six-Game Spring Bundle

Indie Royale has once again compiled a great set of games, this time for their Spring Bundle. Six quality independent titles normally worth about $50, are available for a fraction of the price and as always, the price is continuing to increase as more buyers download the bundle.

The first title available is Futuremark’s tower defense hit Unstoppable Gorg, available for Windows and Mac on Steam, and Windows-only for Desura/DRM-free. The game is packed with campy 1950s sci-fi film nostalgia and has the player take on rubbery aliens by rotating weapons through outer-space orbits.

Next up is Soldak Entertainment’s action RPG Depths of Peril, available for Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura, and DRM-free. The title is sort of a Diablo meets STALKER and features tens of hours of questing and combat in a living game world, where competing factions – run by the AI – battle the player for supremacy.

Also featured is Secret Base’s 2D platformer, Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, for Windows on Steam. This 16-bit experience offers two characters with unique moves, classic hook style gameplay, and a perfectly nostalgic look.

Lastly, Radiangames returns with three intense arcade style titles available DRM-free and on Desura for Windows and Mac. Inferno+ is a 40+ level, atmospheric twin-stick action-RPG featuring drones. Their second title, Slydris, is an addictive block based puzzler with a catchy soundtrack. Finally, Ballistic has intense twin-stick Geometry Wars-style arcade action filled with waves upon waves of enemies.

Currently the bundle’s minimum is set at $4.62 but for those that pay at least $5, they’ll get Danimal Cannon’s ‘Roots’ music album, the acclaimed chiptune album. To purchase the bundle, visit the website here.

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