Apr 19, 2012

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According to Analyst, The Old Republic Is Already Losing Subscribers

According to Analyst, The Old Republic Is Already Losing Subscribers

According to an investor note released today, Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz said that he suspects the subscription levels for Star Wars: The Old Republic may already be lower then the 1.7 million EA reported in February. Creutz’ evidence for this belief is the assembled and reported figures of the server population numbers. These figures have shown a 10 percent decline over the last two months. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the game has already lost 10 percent of it’s subscribers during this span of time, but of course it’s not a strong sign for things to come.

Creutz also noted that EA has been very aggressive with their promotions offering free game time to many long-standing players. Other evidence Creutz cites comes from blogs and message boards where players are reporting that they’re spending less time in the game. EA’s lack of effort to address players concerns with end game content seems to be taking it’s toll on player interest and until the issues are resolved, the numbers will continue to decrease.

Cowen and Company have predicted that The Old Republic will see an average of 1.25 million subscribers throughout the fiscal year ending next March. Though it’s obviously not a terrible number, it’s lower then the previous estimates of a 2 million subscriber average for the year and well below World of Warcraft’s 10.3 million subscribers.

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