Apr 18, 2012

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God of War: Ascension Announced

God of War: Ascension Announced

Via Facebook, Sony had been hinting at a new game reveal on April 19 with an image that says “Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?”    It appears as if Amazon has let the cat out of the bag a day early.

Amazon has posted in its store a listing for God Of War: Ascension alongside both artwork for the game and a teaser trailer.  The voice within the trailer should be familiar to fans of the series, Titan Gaia. The teaser trailer indicates that Ascension will be a prequel to the series, a time before Kratos was “consumed with rage.”  Ascension will therefore most likely take place before Kratos has pledged loyalty to Aries and the game will trace his path as he becomes the legendary Spartan.

Amazon currently has the release date listed as December 31, 2013 but gamers should not expect this date to be in any way accurate as this is normal practice for retailers so they may accept pre-orders.

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