Apr 12, 2012

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Stickwars 3 Now Available On iOS Devices For Free

Stickwars 3 Now Available On iOS Devices For Free

PulsePlay’s latest entry in their iOS series, Stickwars, is out on the App Store today. Stickwars 3 follows the evil King Maelnik as he returns to extract his revenge on King Otto.

The visually stunning castle defense strategy series has seen over 10 million downloads and is based on the classic tale of good versus evil. The story of Stickwars 3 takes place one year after King Otto defeated King Maelnik in a victory that brought shame to the tyrant’s name. In this entry, players take control of King Maelnik as he prepares to regain control and prove to all that he is the baddest stick out there. The evil features that you can use to your advantage are:

Maelnik’s (Mostly) Undead Army  – Command some of the nastiest sticks you’ve seen yet. Use power forged from the darkest magic of Maelnik’s realm to cast devastating spells, bolster your defenses with zombie archers, and even send the Reaper himself into battle to stand your ground against King Otto’s forces.

Improved Strategic Gameplay  – Maelnik isn’t the only one with new tricks up his sleeve. You’ll have to use more than just finger flicking to defend your castle against new enemies such as Diggers and explosive flamethrower units.

The Wheel of Despair  – Try your luck with Maelnik’s Wheel of Despair and conjure up treasures and power-ups such as Infinite Mana, Summon Demon, Soul Harvest, Demon Shield and more!

Stickwars 3 is available to play for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch today. You can download this castle defense title in the App Store for free. Also, be sure to keep a look out for our review of Stickwars 3 soon.

[Source: PulsePlay]